„Rafael Design – specialists in palaces and mansions”

We have been designing classical architecture, interiors and design for almost 20 years. The unique approach to creative work, accuracy and comprehensive supervision over the implementation of the designs with the use of professional contractors enabled us to gain the leading position in the European market.

Being aware of demanding requirements of our investors, we went one step ahead as we gathered talented creators and craftsmen to work for our company. Extensive portfolio of trusted suppliers and contractors resulting from the years of cooperation enables us to offer non-standard and customised solutions.

In our work, we aim at aesthetic and functional perfection achieved thanks to such timeless and classical elements as perfect symmetry and proportions. This approach unites our design team and makes it possible for them to exceed our clients’ expectations. In our designs, we draw on the classical Polish, Italian and French architecture.

Rafał Poznań

founder of the brand, creative director

A restoration architect by education, almost 20 years of his professional work resulted in the development of an elegant and sophisticated style combining the client’s individual needs with noble and timeless aesthetics.

He is fascinated by the grandeur of historic architecture, creation of new decorative concepts, and unique atmosphere of epochal elevations and interiors; he manages the team of designers with passion and inspires them to be even more creative and inventive.

As a great admirer of good craft, he cooperates only with the best ones in the industry. He enthusiastically shares his artistry with investors and assists them in their journey through the world of excellence and uniqueness – the values which are not so easily available at present as they used to be.

Highly regarded for his expert knowledge and long experience in managing large-format investments, often very complex ones. The designs developed in his studio have the soul rooted in history.

Justyna Tomczak


A specialist in designing stylish and classical interiors. Significant interpersonal skills and great work organisation made her also responsible for the administration in our office.

Tycjan Florko


A specialist in historic elevations, production and technology of performance with unique look at details. His perfectionism in dealing with even the smallest detail is the source of never-ending astonishment.

Aleksandra Borowska


In our studio, she is responsible for coordination of designing and implementation works and supervision over the proper implementation of designs. She is a dynamic, vigorous and ambitious person. She likes taking on challenges and rarely gives them up.

Magdalena Hajdecka

interior architect

Specializes in creating interior and facade designs for buildings. She creates unique visualizations for projects and takes care of their graphic presentation. Thanks to her creativity and inventiveness, she combines the work of an interior designer and a graphic designer.

Tomasz Piłat


In the Rafael Design studio, he makes the designs of interiors and elevations. His works are characterised by accuracy, precision and attention to detail. He is an oasis of peace. 

Tomasz Żebrowski


Highly experienced in designing historical interiors. His designs are the product of passion, huge experience and knowledge in the area of history of architecture and design.